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cosmic dust
26-10-2005, 04:52 PM
Hi, anyone know how to withdraw money from Paypal?

Fund in Paypal cannot be transfer to Malaysian Bank. (Countries that can transfer funds into their local account includes Singapore, Japan, UK, New Zealand, Korea etc.. but NOT Malaysia. Malaysia belongs to another group includes countries like Kenya, etc..). Malaysian can only transfer Paypal funds to a US Bank. So, how to open US bank account from here? Is it expensive (such as opening balance etc.)?

Don't understand the logic here. Someone mentioned our credit rating no good in the eyes of Paypal. But, we are not the payer here. It is our money. We just want to withdraw money that is ours into our Malaysia bank. There is no issuance of bounced checks or fake credit cards. Cheating is non presence here. But why can't we withdraw our own money??? Anyone with insider knowledge of Paypal please advice. Cheers.

05-11-2005, 08:59 PM
I think you make a big mistake before you register / use the " Pen Pal " service , that is a great difficulty to withdraw the money from Pen Pal in Malaysia .

Otherwise , you might use a join name accounts ( if got brother / sister ) in other countries ( eg , Hong Kong , Singapore ......etc ) to access such withdrawal facitities .
( It's only done at the time when you register such free service )

Do you actually ask directly from the Pen Pal service provider for the help ......

How about a bank draft ( after deduct all commission and charges ) ?
or and Pen Pal debit card option ?
Try to ask some advice from their site , it will be useful .

In Future , try to use other Malaysia Online Banking facilities in yours web site , pen pal is free of charge , but it's seen bring no benefit for Malaysian , due to difficulty in withdrawing the fund .