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  1. jap restaurant in taipan corner
  2. Aiyoyo ... Naik Harga!!
  3. New add for kwai Lum pork noodle
  4. Looking for good pau in PJ/KL/Subang
  5. F4 Restaurant
  6. 24 hours food centre near jalan pudu
  7. Lok Lok King Steamboat
  8. tai chow in sj/usj area
  9. Share your favourite dining place with everyone
  10. Best Place for Durian in KL
  11. Trip to PD - where to eat
  12. Sea Emperor at Taipan
  13. Simon's Restaurant at Taipan
  14. Japanese Buffet - Iketeru @ Hilton KL (Sentral)
  15. chee chap chuk
  16. Penang Food
  17. Halal Caterer
  18. Where to eat for birthday celebration?
  19. Yuen Buffet Steamboat @Sunway Mentari
  20. Café Citron
  21. Old Taste Kopitiam
  22. Ah Ping BKT
  23. lake side restaurant info please???
  24. Hai Ping Kopitiam
  25. Best free comparison shopping site
  26. Halal Food in bangkok
  27. Italian food at SS2-Buonasera- Enzo Dente
  28. Buka Puasa..... where to EAT?
  29. When in Camerons....
  30. Finest Indian Food in KL
  31. Pork Noodle at Subang Park Hotel
  32. Best Pan Mee in Subang Jaya?
  33. Hakka Yam Abacus
  34. Ayam Penyet
  35. Lousy food, lousy service
  36. Local Restaurants featured in the newspapers
  37. bitter gourd/ fish paste noodles
  38. Din Tai Fung
  39. Yummy Fish Head Water Prawn Mihun
  40. supper in usj
  41. Teluk Gong seafood
  42. Malacca day trip
  43. Nasi Lemak and CKT at Rest Subang Ria Kelana Jaya have moved
  44. Vegetarian places to eat.
  45. Italian food at SS2-Buonasera Christmas and New year Promotion!!!
  46. Astro 1day 5meals
  47. Eat-zy Porridge & Rice in SS14, SJ
  48. bored of subang..
  49. Need help: Searching eating place with a view of Petronas Twin Towers.
  50. Halal Dim Sum Buffet on Deepavali Day
  51. HOT WOK (Tg. Tokong, Penang)
  52. The Bungalow @ Lone Pine Beach Motel
  53. Beef Noodles in Penang
  54. Nice Dating Sites
  55. The Famous Wong Kei of Soho London
  56. The Best Ang Koo Kueh in Penang
  57. Eaton Coffeeshop, Penang
  58. Where to find the best Vegetarian Char Kuey Teow in KL & Penang?
  59. Gurney Drive - The Gardens
  60. Kuchai Lama Food Court
  61. Ma Maison, Ampang... a real dissapointment
  62. How Much You Willing To Pay for Halal DimSum???
  63. Hi there
  64. budget but nice foods
  65. Ideal Dinner On X'mas
  66. Killiney Kopitiam @ Mid Valley
  67. Kelantanese Food
  68. Nyonya Restaurant - serving nyonya cuisine since 1974
  69. French Restaurant - any recommendation?
  70. Any Nice n Romantic Place to Eat For Valentine's ??
  71. Best Steaks in Subang Jaya
  72. capri desserts & hong kong miu-kai
  73. what to eat in USJ??
  74. Slaughtered by Teo chew rice.....
  75. Tim Kai (Frog) Porridge in Jalan Alor
  76. Dim Sum Subang Jaya
  77. Klang Prawn Noodle
  78. Klang Popiah
  79. Klang Chicken Rice
  80. Sunway 'Ngau Lam Mee'
  81. KLANG Italian Food-Casa Di Napoli
  82. Best Ramli Burger
  83. Good services or Good food?
  84. Is Soo Kee still around?
  85. Genting Highland spoiled F&B system...
  87. The Ship, Batu Ferringhi, Penang
  88. Bah Kut Teh King?
  89. View KL Chinatown Chinese New Year 2008 Celebration - Digital Photo Album
  90. Tips
  91. Rojak and Cendol Stalls @ SS15
  92. Chinese Restaurant for 15th CNY
  93. Wine Lovers
  94. Best Street Food
  95. hong kong dessert in asiacafe
  96. [Help] Penang Withdrawal Syndrome
  97. Crab!
  98. Puchong YTF ...restoran NG LAY
  99. have you guys dine at PRINCE SS2?
  100. Update on your favourite Chinese resturant
  101. The best and largest KFC
  102. cameron
  103. Hakka Hor Poh Kitchen, Pudu KL
  104. Pizza Hut or Dominoes
  105. Where are the threads?
  106. Fish head curry
  107. Shogun Sunway - Japanese buffet
  108. what happ to the famous fried kuay teow in ss 15 (old cinema)?
  109. Bar Celona
  110. Leong Ah (paper wrapped chicken)
  111. SoYa SteamBoat Buffet at Sunway Mentari
  112. Food in Malacca
  113. Sabahan Mix Restaurant
  114. Bumbu Bali in Bandar Puteri, Puchong
  115. Food without Aji No Moto
  116. Where to Makan at Putra Jaya?
  117. Fruits Can Change You Life! How?
  118. Rawang
  119. Best Nyonya Chang in USJ
  120. Ajisen Ramen - Yucks
  121. Nyonya Food
  122. Puchong Yong Tau Fu
  123. Sin Eng Huat Restaurant
  124. Pantai Harapan- Port Klang, North Port Seafood
  125. End of The World
  126. Any nice place to eat in P. Langkawi
  127. anyone know the nasi lemak stall in SS19...??
  128. Shanghai Food
  129. Sarawakian Noodle Shop
  130. Mamak Mee Goreng
  131. Resepi Roastlamb, who know?
  132. Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant
  133. Where is the best Pan Mee?
  134. Muar Otak-otak
  135. Where I Should Not Eat In Subang Jaya
  136. World's Best Cream Puff!!!!
  137. Best Hainanese Chicken Rice....
  138. Ah Seng tai chow.... where's he now?
  139. Mixed Rice - Price UP "$o $AD"
  140. Restaurant Specializing in Ducks
  141. Buying Durian in Subang Jaya/USJ
  142. Where to find Vegetarian Food?
  143. MALACCA SATAY CELUP (pork free) in SUBANG JAYA SS15 now!!
  144. i wanna eat BKT... tonight. [non-halal]
  145. Best Mamak / Indian Food in Subang Jaya
  146. Secret Recipe RM10 meal
  147. Budget Meal...for everyone!!!
  148. Contry Barn's new nyonya fare
  149. Hainanese Chicken Rice
  150. Boycotting M$%^#ret YTF
  151. Famous Penang Asam Laksa in Taipan??
  152. Ah Tuan Ee Restaurant
  153. briyani gump/ori anyone?
  154. Let me scare u!
  155. Unlimited Cash Voucher Giving OUt~~ Malacca Satay Celup@BIG3 In Subang Jaya
  156. Good work by star metro to highlight rat infested eateries
  157. Malay Nasi Campur more expensive than Chinese Chap Fan
  158. Italienne Restorante @ The Curve
  159. Fei Loh Char Kuey Teow
  160. Famous Penang Cathay Koay Teow Thng
  161. i found a nice website to intro a japanese res,
  162. Where to take my parents for a good breakfast (Dim Sum) around USJ/SJ and PJ
  163. Chilli Pan Mee
  164. how much i miss hokkien mee?
  165. Ramadhan Bazaar
  166. Tony Roma
  167. Yong tau foo with gravy
  168. Inflight hot meal, anyone?
  169. Buka Puasa
  170. Ten Ten Fatt Really Suxxx
  171. Penang Loh Mee
  172. Where to Find Good Hawker Food in Penang Island?
  173. Bad encounter at Portuguese Settlement (Melaka)
  174. Nasi Kandar-Kota D'sara
  175. Penang Cendol - now RM1.60
  176. Lemang and Rendang
  177. 品珍 duck soup noodle
  178. tried recommendations from usj.com
  179. Best Char Siew Rice
  180. Good Seafood restaurant
  181. Nasi Lemak
  182. Khao Jam (Nasi Kerabu Kelantan)
  183. Birthday Cake with Royal Icing
  184. Jogoya BUFFET Pre Anniversary (22/9-24/10)
  185. Any recommendations for food in Lumut?
  186. Kitchen Fresh Chicken?
  187. High Tech Restaurant in London
  188. My fav little food store at ss15
  189. tong sui in usj ?
  190. Lunch delivery in SS15??
  191. Where's The Best Japanese Food?
  192. Whats the latest on Steamboats
  193. Show us the real price for all services and products, agree?
  194. Daily Food catering
  195. USJ Cheap Fish Head
  196. Soup Kambing / Bone Marrow
  197. Any good food near Batu Caves?
  198. Cold... Cold... Satay!
  199. Where to look for good TIM SUM in KL Hotel
  200. Banana leaf restaurant
  201. Any good food at Sentul/Jalan Ipoh/near KLPAC?
  202. Ayam Penyet -AP serving great blazing hot smashed crispY fried chicken in 74 ..SS15/4
  203. Anyone tried country barn?
  204. Where to buy Quality Coffee Beans
  205. chicken rice
  206. Pricing of Chinese Food Stall
  207. Kena Katok at 747 Cafe Penang....
  208. Great Offer At Subang Sheraton !!
  209. Makbul in USJ 9
  210. Any good Goreng Pisang vendors in USJ???
  211. lorong seratus tahun coming to taipan?
  212. kek lapis
  213. Taipan Pappa Rich...
  214. Service Charge for Restaurant
  215. does USJ/Subang has any good "Tai Chow"?
  216. Lok lok street
  217. Warning! it may get messy fast food rest.
  218. Chinese 'Mixed Rice' in SJ
  219. where to makan tonite?
  220. ss13 nasi lemak- setengah masak!
  221. A Dinner Date
  222. Halal Chinese restaurant with Yu Sang
  223. Teh Si at Mei Sek, USJ 14
  224. Black pepper ramli burger at USJ 2 (Beside Petronas)
  225. Fav chinese new year food
  226. Mee Goreng, Pasembor, Chendol....
  227. Wan Tan Mee
  228. Good CNY Stuff this year....
  229. Anjung Merah
  230. Tong's Restaurant inside Digital mall USJ 19
  231. Dissapointed of Penang food
  232. Vegetarian restaurant in Subang Summit USJ
  233. Healthy with no MSG
  234. jake's
  235. Valentine, 14th Feb
  236. St.Valentine's Day in Bt Ferringhi
  237. Good home cooked meal finally!
  238. Overkill Price for Chap Fan
  239. Nasi Kandar is that expensive?
  240. Station Kopitiam at Subang Carrefour
  241. Char keow teoh
  242. Indian Heritage-Must try northern Indian Cuisine
  243. Specially for Patrick....
  244. Hokkien char - Penang style
  245. Nirvana Bl Up Price!
  246. Stimulus Lunch Pack
  247. Cook at home & survive the recession..
  248. Best Tom Yam Goong
  249. Paandi Velly Good lah!
  250. USJ food specialty