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Random Places
(last post by Firefly, 04 May 10:17am)
Some Foods Photos
(last post by Naka, 18 Sep 08:35am)
The Stars and The Moon
(last post by Firefly, 20 Aug 03:16pm)

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Best Community Website

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Subang Jaya Community Ambulance
07.39pm Aug 06, 2018

Our very own Emergency Ambulance is now in service.

Main Web Forum
Illegal Parking
(last post by ungkb, 06 Sep 08:43am)
RapidKL Bus Services
(last post by ungkb, 20 Aug 10:03am)
Highlight - Bus Stop Obstruction
(last post by ungkb, 07 Aug 05:34pm)
Massage for back ache
(last post by Naka, 15 May 02:42pm)
Problem - Carrefour
(last post by ungkb, 13 May 08:41am)
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Adenium Desert Rose
(by Lyle, 23 Jan 10:57am)
herbal cures?
(by panadol, 19 May 08:18pm)

Pets' Corner
Incessant Barking
(by ungkb, 12 Jul 09:35pm)
she was white and blonde...
(by tupai, 05 Sep 07:26pm)

Internet & Trendlines
Unifi & fax
(by currymee, 09 Feb 03:55pm)
Unifi / Maxis Fibre
(by maygo, 07 Jul 12:44pm)

The Sun - Free Distribution
(by ungkb, 14 Apr 09:06am)
The Talk Anything About Everything Thread
(by Naka, 25 Aug 11:29am)
Happy Day
(by Naka, 04 Apr 06:19pm)

Eating Out with Patrick
Vintage Cafe at the Summit
(Update: May 09, 2016 07.09pm)
SOFTCORE - an evolution or revolution of taste ?
(Update: Sep 04, 2015 07.47pm)

Cari Makan
Usj 4 - fatty ho/28 degree north restaurant
(by PeterHng, 12 Jul 02:05pm)
AVOID jim's Tavern, Johnston st Melbourne
(by Naka, 18 Jan 05:00pm)
dine like a Don.
(by opulant, 28 Dec 10:54am)

BAHASA MALAYSIA (BM) - home-tution Q&A
(by piupiu, 29 May 08:45am)
Homeschoolers or Graduate homeschoolers in Subang Jaya
(by flowerfanusj, 09 Apr 04:05pm)

Layman's Computer Helpdesk
How to download from Youtube?
(by Naka, 06 Sep 07:48am)
Window 10 Driver Update
(by Naka, 21 Feb 03:46pm)

Harp's Garden : A dedication to a neighbour who made us so different.
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